Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moments Of Love

Date : 19th June 2010
Venue :  Midvalley & The Gardens
Time  : 11.00am – 5.00pm

  •         Meet up in the train (UKM pitstop –same train,same coach, ladies coach- coz shes from Nilai), and started getting exited. Exchanging stories.
  •      Watching movie together (The A-Team, hall number 10).
  •      Having lunch together at Rasamas. Fantastic! Coz we were totally hungry that time.(so a plate of nasi was a great choice. HAHA.)
  •      Hanging around together searching for some beautiful  places to, CLICK!!! And non-stop gossiping Yeah!! HAHA.

Well after about 6-7 years havnt meeting up with each others, that was a precious moment to be together  with. Munirah ahmad, u’re so cool!

Notes : we loved with a love that was more than love.. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bashirah's wedding ! =)


It has been a period aku x tulis blog..many things to be wrote down n kept it in my diary, my dearie bloggy. Because I’m quite busy spending time with relatives and friends during this semester break, so I guess a have a time constrain to scratch sumthng on this.
Well, many plans we’ve made in life. Same goes to me. Bashirah’s wedding was held on the 6th June 2010 at her house in Pandan Indah.
Allhamdulillah,dengan izin Allah dapat jugak aku pegi kenduri member kesayangan aku tu bina masjid. Hehe. It was like, WOW!!! Best gile kot jumpe korang, again! Hari tu dah jumpe gak time Bashirah tuning, tapi kali ni lagi meriah coz lagi ramai member2 Ex- Maahad able to attend that wedding.
Saya sangat lah seronok dan sangat teruja! Yeh! With pink theme colour, everywhere are in pink! Its damn BEAUTIFUL  babe! Tetibe rase nak kawin jugak kan..HAHA.
Okeh, as usual, here are some of the pictures :

Maahad Al-Ummah the BEST !!

Sharul & Shira

Pinky GIRLS. Weeee!!!

Atas dari kiri : zana, kwn zana,wana omar, hayat, erin (tudung hitam), khalis, aku, zhafira, sumaiyyah (blakang fyra), bashirah n husband, bashirah’s parents, ika, hanis ghani, hanan, izzat.
Bawah dari kiri : ___, mamok, L , ____, firdaus, kop , amin ,mahirah , seha, nabilah, farid, yusree.


Love u guys.
  well, thats all 4 now. i just dont know how to express my feeling while im typing this. it is just too precious spending, having time together with u guys!! muahh!! :)