Sunday, November 18, 2012

#068 Two Little words


Making mistakes is a part of life, but sumtimes saying you are sorry isnt just enough. While counting days and busy with the preparations, there's a conflicts between my fiance and I. It's not a big issue by the way, but still I felt guilty of making someone's heart uncomfortable 12 days before the day.

Sometimes actions tend to speak louder than words. I did this card for him the next morning knowing that he refuse to attend my call and replying my messages. Wahh, merajuk lettew! :p I worked my tail off to make it as special as it could possibly be. At the same time, the butterflies kicked into high gear as I looked back on the card I created myself and hardly thinking how am I to make sure that he will safely reach it.

15 November 2012

So I just hang this card at his house gate, hoping he will see it when he get out from his house. I run off quickly and get into my car before he saw me, and i drove like mad. Hahaha! The phone bips several hours later. It was him! ''Thank you for the lovely card. ILYSM'' What a relief I can say.

Oh Allah, make us love each other for Your sake. Guide us by Your favor among those whom You guided, and forgive us among those whom You have given, and be our Protector among those whom You have protected, and bless us in that You have given us, and save us and keep away from us any evil which You have decreed. Ammeenn Ya Rabb.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

#067 Which Of Your Lord's Blessings Would You Deny?

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hows everything going? Is everything okey? Alhamdulillah if everything went well, if not try to be patient. Selawath. We were sent to this world to be tested, so nobody are excepted from this test in their life, no one. 
Life in this world is given by Allah to us that He may test our Faith and see even though He already knows through His Divine knowledge, that who from among His slave acts according to His Will and Permission. 

Yet, in busy preparing and managing my wedding preparations, I admit I slipping myself to put Allah as my priority. I search Allah when I have problems, I find Him when things went wrong, I put up both of my hands together when I depressed, I mention His name when I have no one with me. Allahuakbar! Im being so self fish. I am. I forgot that humans were never destined to achieve eternity in this world, none from our elders got the leave to stay here forever and no one from us and the following generations can have this opportunity. Oh Allah, please forgive me.

What happened to me during these days was, people came over to my house, asking me how should they help me for the preparations, and I had manyyyyy things to be settled down before the wedding day! I really need help. I need to clean up the rooms, preparing for the hantarans, the door gifts, foods for the guests, my wedding dress etc etc and I'm reallyyyyy enjoying whatever things I do and trying to give the best for everyone. Yet after putting a lot of effort, people started complaining that the result turned out badly. They said that my dress is too simple, even theirs better than mine. My hand bouquet was'nt look beautiful, my hantarans was not pretty. Hearing that, every heart surely felt soo sad. Two weeks left and that's what I get from them. In stead of complaining, can you guys comes with the solution tho? My mind kinda stressed thinking of how to overcome those problems. Do I need to re-do all these things again? Which I have to spend money some more? What about the time left? Or, I am just too emotional in hearing what people said? 

I was'nt in the mood for quite few hours, lending on my bed, doing noting, staring on my wall, I closed my eyes, I opened it back, I whispered to my ear, ''maybe this is how Allah teaches me for what I have done''. Allah, please forgive me. I started to realized, that I have to be great full for what ever I have right now. Don't care what people say. It's end nowhere. I have parent who always support me on what ever I am doing. Knowing that I currently am not working, they don't even bother spending thousands of money for my wedding. Brothers who always there whenever I needed them, lovely sisters who always gives positives views and ideas on the wedding stuffs. ''Then Which Of Your Lord's Blessings Would You Deny, Maryam?''

A good believer is aware of the fact that life is a test and the difficulties he faces here are part of the test and that he will be graded according to his performance in that test, and all that he endures with patience and faith, will be a means of getting higher ranks and rewards in Hereafter. :)

Oh Allah, please make me a servant continuously remembered only for loving You. Ameen.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#066 My 2nd Big Day, People! ;)

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Fuhhh.. it's been soooo soooo long I have been letting my blog untouched. Pity you dear bloggy. I have no intention to leave you alone for quite some time as I always find to leave you with thousands of feelings that Ive gone through, thru out my life. But time too tight nowadays, seriously! And readers started asking me when that Im going to updatesss.. Sorry guys, I really wanted to!!! Sharing one another's stories will make the world better place, aite? Now, here we go! :D

Well, 10 October 2012 was my 2nd big day, it's my convocation day! Alhamdulillah, syukur padaMu Ya Allah atas kejayaan ini. Terima kasih yang tiada penghujungnya buat mama dan walid atas sokongan kalian sejak dari lahirnya akak ke dunia, sehingga hari ini. Mama lah especially, whenever rasa down sangat sangat kat campus, she always there for me. Always call tanya updates, kadang kadang sehari call sampai 10 kali just to make sure her daughter is really fine. Thak you Mama! Walid pun tak kurangnya, every week call tanya duit cukup tak, makan ape semua. Thank you sooo much! I learned to be grateful for every person in mylife. And after nelly 4 years bertungkus lumus dan bersusah payah, hasilnya ku terima hari itu. Suatu perasaan yang sukar tuk di gambarkan, gembira pun ada, sedih pun ada, rindu pun ada. Gembira tu mungkin sebab berjaya capai tahap ini, walaupun tak lah sehebat mana pun kalau nak di bandingkan dengan yang lain, namun alhamdulillah masih mampu mencapai 2nd Class Upper, persaingan sengit gak sebab majority semua pelajar cina. 

7 October 2012 lagi aku dah sampai UUM, see bertapa lah semangatnya I was that time! Nak kata boley gi rebut jubah on that very day, tak jugak, sebab course aku ni management dah fixed on Tuesday baru boley gi amik jubah, so datang awal2 tu memang keje show off muka kat junior2 r, nak bagitaw taiko Bukit Kachi dah turun padang! Haha~ So I took that opportunity distributing my wedding cards to the loved ones! Jemput hadir semua! Your presence is heaven to me, guys! Datang taw, really hope you guys to be there on that very day! ;)

9 October 2012, collect jubah day! So masa tu, besties aku dua orang tu pun dah selamat sampai bumi Sintok! Memang tak sabar sangat jumpe diorang, even cam kerap jugak jumpe kat KL, tapi still cam jakon n gayat gak bile jumpe kat UUM, feel die lain uolls, bila gi je tempat2 yang we used to go, like bustop, cafe, dewan kuliah, teringat lagi masa nak masuk class dulu, dah lah datang lambat, punye cuak kene blow off dengan lecturer, siap 'lat talilat tali tamplom' luar tu dulu, tengok sape yang kena masuk dulu..the memories datang balik, mula la rasa nak tergelak segala bagai. Seriously, zaman belajar zaman paling manis dalam hidup. Zaman tu lah nak involve macam macam persatuan, zaman tu lah nak copy paste assignment, zaman tu lah nak rebut rebut naik bus balik hostel, zaman tu lah nak ponteng class, zaman tu lah ko nak gaduh gaduh dengan roomate ko, zaman tu lah ko nak tido kat library sebab bajet dah study maut, zaman tu lah ko nak Huha Huha dengan member sampai lewat lewat malam gi karaoke segala bagai, asal ko tak buat keje tak senonoh and boleh jatuh kan air muka mak ayah ko sudah. So yes, that is the time. So appreciate masa masa kat campus, because it's only once in a life time!

 masa collect jubah, terserempak dengan Anies and Nadiya. Lovely!

So a day before my graduation day tu, we took a lot of pictures together. Ada dengan course mates and mostly with my besties and thats for sure. And agak terkilan jugak sebab tak sempat bergambar dengan otai otai blok F paras dua! Hari convo tak sama, and smorang rushing dengan plans masing masing. But it's okey, gathering nanti kite lepak sama yea! 
Oh yea, I think this time entry paling banyak gambar I upload. Sorry kalau ada yang tak comfyyy..

 With bakal pengantin, Nurul Yaqeen! :D

 With IB course mate! :)

Love you guys from the bottom of my heart, seriously!

And, these are the few pictures during the convocation day itself :) 

Haaa gambar atas ni plak, masa nak return jubah, and collect cert. Pehhh, masa ni memang sakit weyh nak tunggu turn! Dah la petang tu nak balik KL, suntuk sangat masa, makanan kat umah Usu plak dah sejuk tunggu kitorang, so ni lah hasilnya after kena tunggu about 1 hour before dapat return balik jubah! Haha~

Apape pun, alhamdulillah, semuanya berjalan dengan lancar. Tak lupa buat tunang yang always ada tuk support, and he was the 1st one to wish congrats setelah masuknya 10hb Oct tu, terharu! Balik KL plak dapat hadiah dari dia, a meaningful moments. Thank you, love! 

Semoga kejayaan yang dikecapi ini bermanfaat buat diri, keluarga dan masyarakat, insyaallah.

Maryam Abdul Rahman
Bachelor of International Business with Honours.
Alhamdulillah, thank you, Allah.

Foot note : Sometimes in life,
 we just need someone who will be there for us,
someone who will listen,
someone who will understand,
that we're not perfect.