Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mountain Hiking!

Till this moment I’m typing this, I feel like I’m still dreaming. I went for hiking last Monday. I’m officially a HIKER now? Haha sounds funny rite? Well, aku sendiri tak percaya aku pergi hiking.Location, Gunung Datuk, Rembau, 27 December 2010. Beria-ia pulak tu.  Actually dah lama aku impikan benda benda yang adventure macam ni, cuma tak berpeluang. In my mind, plenty of activities that I wanna do in this limited of time. I really wish to go for a wall rock climbing, I wanna try playing paintball, bungee jump, explore race. Hebatkan angan2? Haha. Alhamdulillah with Allah’s will, I’ve got the chance to hike the mountain, reached the peak and got to see Your beautiful creations, Subahanallah Hoyeahhh!!

First and foremost thanks to the admin, Mohd Syukri, for inviting. Within this almost 6 years we know each other, I guess this is the first time we did such activities together. Halllammaakk..kantoi sudah perangai busuk! Tergolek sana sini! Haha. Anyway, it was really fun doing things together, I don’t know about you, but fer me, it was awesome babe! Awesome!  To Zaid, Dayat, Man, Nakemah, Yana and Adah, thousand of thanks buddy! You were always there whenever I needed you. Even though that was the first time we know each other,  but I had a blast spending time with you all, with ur crazy characters even for only 24hours! Korang memang best! ;)

crew yang sangat c'well..=)

Occay, I confess myself that I’m tooooooo excited to hike the mountain. Siap beli kasut baru, kasut tuk hike beb! Baju pun! Tu pun ada jugak terfikir nak beli torchlight, key, bag pack baru. Look how excited I was! Haha! As im ma last minute person, so takde lah benda2 tu sume, tak sempat pun nak beli. Nasib baik tak sempat, kalau tidak kelihatan seperti aku nak berkampung dalam hutan tu. Adoii.

So I reached Seremban on the December 26,2010 at around 4pm. Waiting for all crews to gather, and around 5pm we make a move to Gunung Datuk. So sesampainya kat sana, we have two choices, either to stay in a chalet or tent. Well, we preferred tent rather than chalet as a place to stay, adventure kan? During the night time, ice breaking session, from there I started to know everyone. Sweet moment I can classified as. =) malam tu makan meggi, memang camping habes lah! I brought muffins along, and we had hot tea, teh pudina, first time tried, best!! 0200am I slept.
0900am start hiking without-warming-up. As it was my first time, mentally and physically I wasn't prepared. I imagined that the path wasn’t that hard and though as what I’ve gone through that day. Half of the way I felt like giving up, mentally down! My leg cramped! Only Allah knows what I felt. I nagged to Coe that I wasn't able to continue the journey, I said that I would be waiting for all of them down there. And he said to me that I shouldn’t quit this early. With his magical words that I carried along, Alhamdulillah I reached the mountain’s peak. Thanks to all for your support, I’ll never forget, especially to my dearie girls, Nakemah as my runner, Yana as my paramedic whenever I got cramped, Adah as my supporter. Thousands of thank you babe! Boys, u’ve been sooo tolerant for my character. Again, thank you. Perjalanan which supposed to take only 2hours, ended up to be a 3-hour-journey. Hehe. Anyway I’m proud of myself for being able to reach, finally. When I think back, for me, everyone can succeed in their life as long they are passionate and have the strength to face all the obstacles, it is just a matter of time. And when you’ve got what you want, you have no word to say anything, it’s just that your heart like blooming and totally proud of yourself. Isn’t that hard, make it real babe! Make it real! =)
We reached at 1200pm. And we reached down of the mountain at 0215pm which only takes 1hr 10 minutes, sape tak seronok, turun laju sepantas kilat je masing-masing,haha! Enjoy the pictures then, pictures tell us the story! 

peak of the mountain!!

Lepas zohor, and sempat mandi jeram before that, we made a move back to Seremban. Makan- makan, solat asar, everyone membawa haluan masing2. I took a train going back to Bangi, sempat tertido dalam train, nasib baik tak terlepas station, kalau tak, memang sedey sorang2 lah kat situ..haha.. sampai rumah tepat jam 900 malam.

Best holiday ever.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vacation, Terengganu

Alhamdulillah, last Saturday n Sunday pergi Terengganu. Seronok jugak even tak lama, tapi getting the time to spend them with beloved family is the precious moment ever. Thanks to walid and mama, last semester masa konon2 stress study sibuk sangat berangan nak duduk tepi pantai, hilangkan stress, nak duduk bawah payung besar, pakai sunglass, makan snek cicah cheese sause sambil minum air juice siap nak straw yang bersimpul-simpul bagai, iskh, gedik betul! Ahakz! Alhamdulillah tercapai jugak, hehe. Bile fikir2 balik, almost every wishes Allah kabulkan. Syukran Ya Allah.

Actually pergi Terengganu haritu pun nak hantar along balik kolej die kat Kemaman, the next day walid pulak ada meeting somewhere around Dungun. So sampai tempat along dalam tengahari. Bawak along kuar makan jap, kat Restoran Sampan, Bahtera Pakman. Not bad lah, boley tahan..huhu then gi Pantai Teluk Kalung. Best, tapi x mandi lah, saje lepak-ing. Lama tak merasa angin pantai. Lagipun ombak kencang jugak time tu. Overall, memang best lah!! Let the pictures tell! =)

Life is about laughing and living in good and bad times, getting through whatever comes our way, and looking back with a wonderful smile with the bless of Allah =)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pieces Of Me (:

me when I was young hihi

with my beloved walid :)

Where LOVE sparks the BEST! 

Friday, December 17, 2010

I walked and I found

Baru je lepas baca blog sahabat2. Terjumpa pula 1 blog ni, menarik! It’s all about soal jawab dalam islam. Mostly yang aku terbaca kat blog ni kisah cinta menurut Islam. A lot of information aku dapat, which b4 dis aku pun tak tahu it's actually flows that way, baru sedar banyak buat silap rupenye T_T thanks to the blogger, seorang ustaz, so trus follow! Bagus sebenarnya, if you all ada keraguan tentang anything regarding soal agama, especially about adolescent love, go guys, tanya ustaz tu through email, he’ll try to answer every single question. And after I gone through reading out almost every post in that blog, I started to think, how many mistakes I’ve made in my life. Betapa seriousnya org lain menjaga hati, and what about me? Ok, maybe people will say, alah, susah sangat ke nak jaga hati, or, laa..small matter je kott, diorang ni narrow minded and all lah, tapi pada sesiapa yang faham sahaja akan faham. And kefahaman ni tak pada semua Allah bagi. Maka beruntung lah pada mereka yang faham. And aku nak jadi orang yang beruntung itu. Hehe. I feel like my world needs changes. As I believe, everybody makes mistakes. If you laugh it off and keep going and try to give it your best the next time around, people will respect that!
Btw, ni link to go to the blog mentioned ,, the blog writer itself, Well, these books is in my "A MUST BUY BOOK" wishing list. I need to get those books as soon as possible, from chit chat chut kat sana, diorang cakap BEST, how far best buku ni, let’s grab it, and baca! Yeeebaaa!!  ouh ya, FYI, ustaz ni pun penulis novels n buku2.(:


Sinopsis : Imran remaja yang tercari cari sebuah legasi demi memimpin cintanya menuju syurgawi. Dia cuba menyelami hakikat khalifah yang makin kabur. Dalam diam, jiwanya sentiasa memugar cinta Laila yang prejudis terhadap agamawan. Kerana cinta dia berusaha mengubah persepsi Laila. Namun Laila tetap dengan pendiriannya. Ketika itu hadirlah Nanda Gracer iaitu seorang gadis asing yang mengheretnya kedalam perdebatan antara kebenaran Islam dan kejahatan orientalis. Imran tekad menghadapi arguementasi itu dan merubah pandangan Nanda, dalam diam, Nanda terpersona terhadap karisma dan kemantapan ilmu Imran. Dalam menggapai cinta Laila dan hambatan cinta Nanda, adakah Imran akan memperkukuhkan dirinya sebagai khalifah Tuhan di muka bumi?


Synopsis kompas cinta, tak dapat nak cari..tak jumpe-jumpe. Takpe, nnt dah beli I’ll share with u guys, insyaallah. 

Interesting isn’t it? Till here then! ;)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time waits for NO MAN,
yesterday was HISTORY

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ok, duduk di rumah, makanan sangat lazat, dan ia mengGEMOKkan saya.
Mama, plzz jangan masak sedap2 sangat, dah tambah brape kali dah ni.Hampir obes. Sekian.

Day 1

black papper ciken

prawn garlic butter



Day2 : 

ayam berempah cili

sotong white papper

ni paling sedap, ikan patin masak tempoyak! faberet beb! haha

Nota kaki : i love to eat and i eat a lot, sila jangan membazir! HAHA

Blast !

It has been a while since last I update my blog. And ianya dah bersawang dah pon. Zzzz. Last Sunday which is on the 12th December 2010 was Anies burfday. Happy Birthday Girl! Congratulation! You’ve turn 22! Woha!!!  This year it was lucky for her as her birthday was during our final exam seasons. So everybody was around. Compared to the previous years, we didn’t get the chance to celebrate her birthday coz of the semester break.
Well, even though it was biasa2, since everyone busy doing revision for exams, but that was very meaning full for me. Anies was my roommate before, so many things we shared together and getting the chance to celebrate her that night was the sweetest moment in my life. Kak Mi and I prepared a mocha cake and sumthing like cocktail, as well as nasi goreng kampung. Kim, Yaya, Kak Hana, Ain, was there too!! Their presence spice up the celebrations! Thanks guys! Love Much!

Birthday girl

 Kak Mi & Birthday Girl


Lovely Moment

Mocha Cake

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanks fer ze Pitza!

Since semester is going to reach its end, all rooms need to be empty, clean and clear during the semester break. Yesterday I was just making myself busy packing my stuffs since I just waiting for my last paper which is on the 10th Dec.  I was just too busy cleaning up everything, put em’ all inside the boxes, books, cloths, sneakers and all. My room kinda very mess. Everything wasn’t in the place where it is supposed. After all, I think I need this place to be cleaned before my roommate come back. Suddenly, someone knock my door room. Tock! Tock! Tock! Guess what? Pizza delivery!! It came from Mr.Syafiq. Hey, thanks buddy for your beautiful thought! He seemed to know that I love any food concerning cheese. Hey, send me more! =) He said that I don’t need diet, just eat em’! Hey you know what, there’s no compromising when it comes to food occay! Haha. Well, it is kinda spirit fer meh too tidy up my room in time, otherwise it might take days, perhaps. Haha. Anyway, Tqvm Mr.Syafiq.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My babe u'll always be

Looking around, I noticed all of the beautiful pieces of art set up around me, each one as different and special as the next. Much like the art, each person is as unique as a fingerprint. That is makes people so wonderfully interesting. We all have qualities, good and bad, that differ is from our neighbors. Same thing goes to me. Within 3 years I have been studying in Northern University of Malaysia, I’ve learnt many things, sometimes it flows just the way I wanted to, and sometimes it don’t.  Well, that’s what we called life. I have few friends here who really make my life wonderful. Kak mi and Anies, you guys make me forget about my pains and everything that hurts my feelings. I love you guys a lot, you both might be the people in my life that I don’t wanna loose, please let us stay together for a lil while longer! I do really love u both from the bottom of my heart! ;)

Even Kak Mi is going to leave us as this semester is her last semester, I just want you to know that even earthquakes can’t shake us! ..she’s my senior.. All your kindness and wonderful thoughts, will be kept safely in my mind. By the way, this picture was taken when we were in the passion of slimming down our body. Kah kah kah. We went for a jog, for a walk is the best word I guess..haha. Anyway you  know how happy I was spending time left with you,gilrs!