Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#065 I choose to Love you!


Have you ever thought of someone and then realized you were smiling the whole time? That's what happened  to me these few days. I can't help myself from stop thinking, recalling and rewinding all the beautiful moments happened for the past few weeks. And yes, Ive met him. For the very FIRST TIME after 8 months I got engaged.  In a such lovely moment. Thank you Allah for the gift. Alhamdulillah. 

Well, if people ask me how do I got to know him, I would say, ''it's kinda family arrangement, and of course his family ask for my agreement before anything''. Well, actually I have no intention to tell how do I know him in a very specific way. Rather choose to tell them after I got married. You may revealed the true story that time, In Sha Allah. Let's keep it secret for the moment! :D 

Well, he came back from Middle East 2 weeks before Hari Raya celebration. The 1st week he was busy with his working sumwhere in Senawang. And at the end of the week, thinking he couldnt be able to stay long here in Malaysia as he need to be back to his working place oversea, he registered himself for Kursus Pra Perkahwinan which was held at Pejabat Agama Islam Daerah Hulu Langat. And, that was the place where we first time met after 8 months got engaged without knowing and seeing each other. People who heard my journey of love before said that I am crazy for taking this path, loving and going to get marry with a stranger! Yet for me, this is the way that I ever dreamed to find the right one. I dont want to know him tooo much, its just that I wanna make it real fun in a halal way, In Sha Allah. Please make my wish come true ohh Allah.

So you can guess how did I felt seeing him for the first time. Sumpah nervous, gelabah biawak and what other words which describe me well to those who knew me well. Hehe! Iono how to describe, but what can I say, when I first met him, I knew in a moment that he is the right one that I want to be with. Ohh over tak? haha.. So a day before the kursus kawen day, he text me and asked what color that I'll be wearing. Purple I replied. When the day comes, tadaaa, we were both in purple! I felt soooo shy! Yelaaa, mana tak nya, semangat pakai warna sama, tapi tak pernah jumpe pun sebelum ni. And kena bahan jugak lah dengan akak dia. "Eh sama color ni, pakat ke?" I replied with a smile sambil curi curi pandang tunang! Hahaha~ And on second day we wore Grey! 
Semangat dengan sijil tu uollsss :p

Since he came back just for few weeks, we used our time wisely. Like settelkan pasal document2 kahwin, he went for his HIV test, barang2 hantaran. Alhamdulillah, things went well. 
He celebrated his 1st and 2nd Hari Raya with his family, and on the 3rd Raya he went back to Middle East for working. My heart kinda hard to let him go. Aduiaii. I created a card for him and letting the memories between us remain no matter how far we are apart. 

Each word written, has it own history. Simbolic. Meaning.

 Ze card changed hand at the airport at 1900hrs, 21 August 2012.I

I actually created a Raya card special for him, knowing that he couldnt be here in Malaysia during Raya at first. I posted to him, and it reached at his hand once he went back after raya. A simple and sweet thought for you, telling that you are not forgotten! Keep it safe yea! 

Currently, I am busy preparing my wedding stuffs, many things are still pending! Short time left, and hope that I can cope everything the best I can. May Allah ease everything for me, for us. In Sha Allah. To all the readers, please keep us in your prayers, Allah bless!