Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Depressing T_T

I just don't know how to express this feeling , I'm just too SAD , too BAD . 

Oh Allah ,
Guide my steps, dont  let me go astray,
you are the one that showed me the way,
Please show me the way. :'-(

~ Even Robots have feelings ~


Islamic_Muslimah said...

salam alaik...
hey!! what's up dude?
chewah, i speking london 2..
nvermind, from here i can improve my english rite?

hey, what's make u life teribble?
is that cos of xam?
or anythgs else?

if there are smthgs behind the rock, don't be hesitate to share wif me, i'm there, insyaAllah ^_^ n Allah always wif u..

Maryam Rahman said...

wasalam alaik :)
yup..speak as much as u want.
actually this blog are created
so dat i can mengarut sorang2 as i want.
so u can do d same too :P
hik3.. nak bg url pon segan gak sebenarnye :P

hurm, life.. life are like dat la kak..
ada upside down kan.
sumtimes it does not go as what we've planned rite.

i believe Allah will always there 4 me.
dapat lah me control lagi n owes brada dlm keadaan yg waras. hehe.

thx much2. love u!