Friday, May 6, 2011

I care

I'm not sure whether you will read this or not & I don't know if you know the existing of my blog either. But what I wanna say here is that, I am sorry if my word this evening ever hurts your feelings. I dont meant to hurt you. Please dont get me wrong, whats on my mind was it wud be good if we stop contacting each other for a couple of weeks during the exams. It's not that I was disrupted by your messages & calls, No. It's not that. What my intention was, I just want we both to feel comfort and able to give our full of concentration on the exams. LLB, yes,I understand that your course its not easy as it seems. That's why I think its good for us to have some space, some time for our self. I bet u'll understand what am I trying to tell you ite? Lets strive for the BEST, from far away here in Kachi, i'll pray for you sumwhere out there.

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moon said... sape lak?keh keh.jgn nk sorok pape sgt mayam..da mcm retisss hahahah