Wednesday, November 23, 2011

#013 When the kitchen started to smOke!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah kerana masih memberi peluang kepada hambaMu untuk bernafas di BumiMu ini. Selawat dan salam atas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad saw dan kaum kerabat baginda. Tidak dilupakan buat para sahabat dan Tabii'in sekalian.

Well, this is a story about people falling in love. Falling in love with who? Ohh, I've got to admit that I started to fall in love with cooking! Surprisingly, cooking have taken my heart away! I never thought that I would be interested in cooking, while my mom was already with her apron in the kitchen, I were just standing next to her and watching her preparing foods for the family, inviting her for chit chatting in the kitchen, talking about my life, studies, about my friends, my boyfriends, opss!! Hehe.. and all I could help is just to taste the food and gives comments! Haha, sorry mummy!! Maybe during that time, I just got this kind of mindset because of the past food preparation experiences that gave me terrible consequences like bad odors and unsatisfying taste. However, the fact is that food preparation process can be enjoyable and thrilling as long as we might be aware of the basic ways of food preparations! And I come to realize, that cOOking is a fun game playing with the ingredients! Yeayy!

Well, a day before yesterday I spent 24hours thinking what menu to cook for the next day, and I haven't figured anything yet, or maybe I needed 48 hours? Ohh my Maryam, puh-leaseee, simple je kot! Mengader betul! At the end, guess what would be my menu for yesterday?? I choose to cook, Hard-boiled egg sause -in malay we called it as telur rebus sambal, Haha.. Spicy fried chicken - in malay - ayam goreng berempah, Fish curry, and Mixed vege. Don't laugh at me peeps, it was my 1st attempt as I just followed the cooking steps through the blogs. Woha! Well, I listed down all the ingredients needed for cook and hardly went to Tesco with my mom and grabbed all those thingoo! Look, how passionate I was, whispered in the depth of my heart that my cook will turn out like what is in the net.

Fighting alone with knife and blender as my weapons with-the-chickens-and-fishes in the kitchen, they lost at the end of the day and it took me 1 1/2 hours to complete all the dishes.  And Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, I've done it very well. 

I came to conclusion that if you have hardly ever actually prepared a meal previously, it can be a great decision to follow a cookery classes. Look for one that suits the skill level plus your passions, whether it is a cuisine u've usually wanted to attempt or a certain method of food preparation which has often confused you.
Cooking with your friends - The first of these is to promote interpersonal relationship with ur family members and buddies.When these significant others are there, they can get the ingredients, look at the recipe and inform the one does the cooking. When the cooking is done, everybody can taste it and give an evaluation about the dish. That way, errors could be figured out and corrected with the help of others people. Goodluck peeps! Enjoy cooking!

Foot note : It's amazing way for you to bond with children, even though the meal isn't tasty as you thought, the memory of the time together will forever remain with you.. Hehe..


Nur Husna said...

Assalamualaikum sis.

nice writing by the know what,my lecturer has told me one is not only related to your skill.but it depends on your creativity.yeah,that's true..hehe..
maybe you can do this popular thing..'main campak2 je..'
wohaa..i think it is very cool..ce try..:)

Maryam Rahman said...

Wasalam husna! Hehe yup very true, actually main campak2 ni kadang2 food taste even more licious n finger-likin' good!! Yummeh! :)

Islamic_Muslimah said...


Glad & Happy when reading ur entry..empresive dude!hahah..

Love someone made us to turn from nothings to SOMETHINGS, and u did it! all da best my fwen.. u'll be best cooker for ur husband and ur children, insyaALLAH ^_^

Maryam Rahman said...

Kak Hana, thankiesss!! Harap2 ni permulaan yang baik la b4 malangkah ke alam umah tangga, ecehh!!Haha
Akak tu lagi superb okeyy, dah r ada jiwa keibuan, mmg den tabik spring la jang! ;)

Noor Husna Abu Khair said...

tahniah tahniah...sedapnye masakan puan maryam kita nie. bertambanh sedeh bile mendengar dan membaca awk akan masuk ke alam umah tangga :-(