Saturday, February 18, 2012

#033 New Hommiesss

Now, this is my new hommiess for this semester! 

 baggiess.. :p

 Room keyy

View from my room window ;)

Well, this sem is definitely going to be a crucial sem. New expectations, new strategy, of course! One last paper left, therefore my daily schedule is also transforming 180 degrees. Intend to focus and strive hard during these period, no more last minute studying! Difficult, but nothing is impossible aite? Hopping to get better grades and learn to sort out my priorities. And I wish to pass the exam with flying colors more often and to make it memorable anddd, as the saying goes, go out with a bang!! Oww yeah, be ready youuu BWFF 3043, International Financial Management, Im goinna get youu! Rawrr!! XD

#There's no giving up now, people! ;)


Islamic_Muslimah said...

Gud luck my dear, u can do it, prove it!

Maryam Rahman said...

seriously, its tough :'(