Sunday, November 18, 2012

#068 Two Little words


Making mistakes is a part of life, but sumtimes saying you are sorry isnt just enough. While counting days and busy with the preparations, there's a conflicts between my fiance and I. It's not a big issue by the way, but still I felt guilty of making someone's heart uncomfortable 12 days before the day.

Sometimes actions tend to speak louder than words. I did this card for him the next morning knowing that he refuse to attend my call and replying my messages. Wahh, merajuk lettew! :p I worked my tail off to make it as special as it could possibly be. At the same time, the butterflies kicked into high gear as I looked back on the card I created myself and hardly thinking how am I to make sure that he will safely reach it.

15 November 2012

So I just hang this card at his house gate, hoping he will see it when he get out from his house. I run off quickly and get into my car before he saw me, and i drove like mad. Hahaha! The phone bips several hours later. It was him! ''Thank you for the lovely card. ILYSM'' What a relief I can say.

Oh Allah, make us love each other for Your sake. Guide us by Your favor among those whom You guided, and forgive us among those whom You have given, and be our Protector among those whom You have protected, and bless us in that You have given us, and save us and keep away from us any evil which You have decreed. Ammeenn Ya Rabb.


aini shahroni said...

tomey sanghatt uiollss..
may Allah ease everything for you sista maryam..

from ::Arkitek ::

Anonymous said...

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