Friday, November 26, 2010

Of my Beruang Kutub

I know I’ve never told you in the hurried rush of days, how much ur friendship means to me in a thousand little ways. But you have played such  a part in all I do or try to be. We have been friends  for quite a while now, and I just wanna say thank you for being there when times get tough. You always argue with me about the stupidest things and all, talking nonsense, came out with ur crazy idea, and u know what, that’s what makes you special. Thanks for everything, including food that u used to give me, and makes me more gemOk and gemOk!  Thanks, Beruang kutub! You know who u r! haha *wink*

Sangat comelkan ia? HAHA.

1 comment:

Islamic_Muslimah said...

beruang kutub ya??
i guess i know who "he" is..hehhe..
he rite? it wont be she..lalala~