Saturday, December 4, 2010

My babe u'll always be

Looking around, I noticed all of the beautiful pieces of art set up around me, each one as different and special as the next. Much like the art, each person is as unique as a fingerprint. That is makes people so wonderfully interesting. We all have qualities, good and bad, that differ is from our neighbors. Same thing goes to me. Within 3 years I have been studying in Northern University of Malaysia, I’ve learnt many things, sometimes it flows just the way I wanted to, and sometimes it don’t.  Well, that’s what we called life. I have few friends here who really make my life wonderful. Kak mi and Anies, you guys make me forget about my pains and everything that hurts my feelings. I love you guys a lot, you both might be the people in my life that I don’t wanna loose, please let us stay together for a lil while longer! I do really love u both from the bottom of my heart! ;)

Even Kak Mi is going to leave us as this semester is her last semester, I just want you to know that even earthquakes can’t shake us! ..she’s my senior.. All your kindness and wonderful thoughts, will be kept safely in my mind. By the way, this picture was taken when we were in the passion of slimming down our body. Kah kah kah. We went for a jog, for a walk is the best word I guess..haha. Anyway you  know how happy I was spending time left with you,gilrs!

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Islamic_Muslimah said...

pergh.. go for a walk ya..
no wonder u look slimmer than before, congrets!! :) but, look fatter after eat pitza without invite me :(