Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mountain Hiking!

Till this moment I’m typing this, I feel like I’m still dreaming. I went for hiking last Monday. I’m officially a HIKER now? Haha sounds funny rite? Well, aku sendiri tak percaya aku pergi hiking.Location, Gunung Datuk, Rembau, 27 December 2010. Beria-ia pulak tu.  Actually dah lama aku impikan benda benda yang adventure macam ni, cuma tak berpeluang. In my mind, plenty of activities that I wanna do in this limited of time. I really wish to go for a wall rock climbing, I wanna try playing paintball, bungee jump, explore race. Hebatkan angan2? Haha. Alhamdulillah with Allah’s will, I’ve got the chance to hike the mountain, reached the peak and got to see Your beautiful creations, Subahanallah Hoyeahhh!!

First and foremost thanks to the admin, Mohd Syukri, for inviting. Within this almost 6 years we know each other, I guess this is the first time we did such activities together. Halllammaakk..kantoi sudah perangai busuk! Tergolek sana sini! Haha. Anyway, it was really fun doing things together, I don’t know about you, but fer me, it was awesome babe! Awesome!  To Zaid, Dayat, Man, Nakemah, Yana and Adah, thousand of thanks buddy! You were always there whenever I needed you. Even though that was the first time we know each other,  but I had a blast spending time with you all, with ur crazy characters even for only 24hours! Korang memang best! ;)

crew yang sangat c'well..=)

Occay, I confess myself that I’m tooooooo excited to hike the mountain. Siap beli kasut baru, kasut tuk hike beb! Baju pun! Tu pun ada jugak terfikir nak beli torchlight, key, bag pack baru. Look how excited I was! Haha! As im ma last minute person, so takde lah benda2 tu sume, tak sempat pun nak beli. Nasib baik tak sempat, kalau tidak kelihatan seperti aku nak berkampung dalam hutan tu. Adoii.

So I reached Seremban on the December 26,2010 at around 4pm. Waiting for all crews to gather, and around 5pm we make a move to Gunung Datuk. So sesampainya kat sana, we have two choices, either to stay in a chalet or tent. Well, we preferred tent rather than chalet as a place to stay, adventure kan? During the night time, ice breaking session, from there I started to know everyone. Sweet moment I can classified as. =) malam tu makan meggi, memang camping habes lah! I brought muffins along, and we had hot tea, teh pudina, first time tried, best!! 0200am I slept.
0900am start hiking without-warming-up. As it was my first time, mentally and physically I wasn't prepared. I imagined that the path wasn’t that hard and though as what I’ve gone through that day. Half of the way I felt like giving up, mentally down! My leg cramped! Only Allah knows what I felt. I nagged to Coe that I wasn't able to continue the journey, I said that I would be waiting for all of them down there. And he said to me that I shouldn’t quit this early. With his magical words that I carried along, Alhamdulillah I reached the mountain’s peak. Thanks to all for your support, I’ll never forget, especially to my dearie girls, Nakemah as my runner, Yana as my paramedic whenever I got cramped, Adah as my supporter. Thousands of thank you babe! Boys, u’ve been sooo tolerant for my character. Again, thank you. Perjalanan which supposed to take only 2hours, ended up to be a 3-hour-journey. Hehe. Anyway I’m proud of myself for being able to reach, finally. When I think back, for me, everyone can succeed in their life as long they are passionate and have the strength to face all the obstacles, it is just a matter of time. And when you’ve got what you want, you have no word to say anything, it’s just that your heart like blooming and totally proud of yourself. Isn’t that hard, make it real babe! Make it real! =)
We reached at 1200pm. And we reached down of the mountain at 0215pm which only takes 1hr 10 minutes, sape tak seronok, turun laju sepantas kilat je masing-masing,haha! Enjoy the pictures then, pictures tell us the story! 

peak of the mountain!!

Lepas zohor, and sempat mandi jeram before that, we made a move back to Seremban. Makan- makan, solat asar, everyone membawa haluan masing2. I took a train going back to Bangi, sempat tertido dalam train, nasib baik tak terlepas station, kalau tak, memang sedey sorang2 lah kat situ..haha.. sampai rumah tepat jam 900 malam.

Best holiday ever.

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