Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blast !

It has been a while since last I update my blog. And ianya dah bersawang dah pon. Zzzz. Last Sunday which is on the 12th December 2010 was Anies burfday. Happy Birthday Girl! Congratulation! You’ve turn 22! Woha!!!  This year it was lucky for her as her birthday was during our final exam seasons. So everybody was around. Compared to the previous years, we didn’t get the chance to celebrate her birthday coz of the semester break.
Well, even though it was biasa2, since everyone busy doing revision for exams, but that was very meaning full for me. Anies was my roommate before, so many things we shared together and getting the chance to celebrate her that night was the sweetest moment in my life. Kak Mi and I prepared a mocha cake and sumthing like cocktail, as well as nasi goreng kampung. Kim, Yaya, Kak Hana, Ain, was there too!! Their presence spice up the celebrations! Thanks guys! Love Much!

Birthday girl

 Kak Mi & Birthday Girl


Lovely Moment

Mocha Cake

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