Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#035 Her Day!


Today, I honor my Mama and say with the most full and loving heart, thank you mama for bringing me into this world 24 years ago, and giving me so very much of yourself. I pray that I can always make you proud!

Well, this day actually belongs to her. March 4th  should mark the date she began her lifelong endeavor to raise her daughter. My mama, as I still call her, has changed diapers, rocked me when I was sick, wiped my head when I had fevers, washed clothes, made countless breakfasts, lunches, dinners, gave up things that she may have wanted to be able to give to her family, walked me home from school, gave endless amounts of advice, taught me what was right and wrong, supported me in any of my crazy endeavors, loves genuinely and worried.. So many things! My mother along with my dear walid, gave me all these priceless gifts in hopes to bring up a daughter that would be a true Beautiful Lady inside and outside!

Thank you for always loving me in spite of myself. No mistake was ever so bad that you did not absorb it under the umbrella of a Mother's love.
Thank you for surrounding me with love and care throughout my lifetime and teaching me that being a man was more than just showing up!
Thank you for all the years of laughter, and fun. We still feel those years everyday.
Thank you for bringing me into this world and protecting me both from the world and myself.
Thank you for my generous spirit, I learned that from you.
Thank you for putting me above others.
Thank you for showing me how to tie my shoes.
Thank you for our long talks.
Most of all, I thank you for the role model you were for me. I hope to be half the person you were in your lifetime, and I see you as a wonderful pinnacle to strive towards to this day!

I miss you Mama and love you more everyday.

Happy Birthday to Me and Mama! ;)
4th March 1988 - beautiful day for me and my mom.


Islamic_Muslimah said...

I Love u mak, although i never say n show it.. love u lots, thanks 4 evrythgs..

Maryam Rahman said...

World is nothing without mom. Sama2 kita hargai mereka sementara mereka masih ada..Sedey pulok rase!