Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#043 UUM Archery Members, I miss you guys!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Well, wohoo know what? I'm listening to Stuck With You song by Huey Lewis & The News, while I'm typing this. Oh come to the next track, I Dont Have The Heart by James Ingram, hehe. Yeah, it's an old song! Maklum jelah, jiwa orang tua tua, nak buat macam mana, haha! I simply love oldies love songs from 80's 90's. And I dont know why. Maybe sebab Walid and Mama antara peminat tegar lagu lagu lama ni, songs like I Wont Last a Day Without You by Carpenters, A Song For You by the same singer, Que sara sara (whatever will be will be), and many more! : those are the songs they used to sing, when I was in my childhood days! Ohh rindunyer! ;)

But that is not the story that I wanna write here today, it is just related a bit. Well yeah, when I listen to those songs, I started to miss all my friends. Archery members, yup them all, very much! I miss the time we spent together, I miss how we used to talk, even kenal tak lama, the memories with you guys sticking hard here in ma mind! I miss all the joking around we used to do. I miss how you used to non-stop talking, sampai kene marah dengan Mr. Shuban, and ada yang siap sleng Sabahan pulak tuh, oh lovely!

To all Archery members, I miss making memories with you guys! A special thanks for caring to Mr.Shuban. For love and tenderness, your patience and generosity, and boundless thoughtfulness. You imprint lives forever in our hearts and in our minds ;)

Robin Hood's wife, the grass shooter! (instead of apple) Haha

The Guys

The Girls

If I could turn back time, I want to be with my friends forever.


Islamic_Muslimah said...

Kenangan yg lama menjelma~

Maryam Rahman said...

Taw xpe..tak kan akak x rindu uum kot? ;P hahaha~